Mist of the north - Mist60° A natural antioxidant spray for the body and face


Mist60° is a refreshing facial and body spray based on natural mineral water. The unique and caring composition is rich with MSM, pine bark extract (Pinus Sylvestris) full of antioxidants and the pampering vitamin C from birk leaf extract. Mist60° comes in with a convenient size and easy-to-use spray bottle to create the refreshing mist whenever Your skin needs it.


Because it's good for your skin. Mist60° helps sooth irritated skin and provides vitamins and minerals which have many well-known benefits. Mist60° is based on mineral-rich waters from deep under ground. Mist60° provides essential vitamins, antioxidants and natural minerals which together gives Your skin moisture and nutrients. It helps Your skin look moisturized and healthy.


Whenever You feel like it! Or :
  • as a part of Your daily beauty routines after cleansing and before applying moisturizing cream. Let the light mist land on the skin and absorb in – You will notice the difference
  • during the day to cool and moisturize
  • a lovely breeze of Finnish forest and it´s healing powers during flight

To whom?

  • active sports enthusiasts
  • people living in cities and exposed to pollution The antioxidants shield Your skin from pollution and particulates floating in the city air
  • anyone who wants to add moisture. This spray suits to anyone feeling that a little extra moisture would not harm
  • to prevent the signs of ageing

Feel fresh all-day long

We're just bunch regular Finnish guys and a lady. Just like you, we like feeling fresh as the midsummer sauna, so we decided to make a product which does just that. It keeps people feeling fresh. Read on about our story here!

Where to buy?

Mist60° is available on our Amazon store, and we ship it worldwide!
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