Mist of the north - Mist60°


Mist60° is a refreshing body spray, rich with MSM and birk leaf extracts which take care of your skin. Mist60° comes in a easy-to-use spray bottle, hence the mist in our name.


Because it's good for your skin. Mist60° helps sooth irritated skin and provides vitamins and minerals which have many well-known benefits. Mist60° is based on mineral-rich waters from deep under ground.

Feel fresh all-day long

We're just bunch regular Finnish guys and a lady. Just like you, we like feeling fresh as the midsummer sauna, so we decided to make a product which does just that. It keeps people feeling fresh. Read on about our story here!

Where to buy?

Mist60° is available on our Amazon store, and we ship it worldwide!
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